Ground Chocolate

Ground Chocolate
Create the intense and complex taste that you've come to expect from America's oldest chocolate company, Ghirardelli Chocolate. Use for exceptional mochas and hot chocolates.

Chocolate & Caramel Sauces

For a multitude of applications from creating premium mochas and hot chocolate drinks to ice cream toppings or plate decorating.


Unsurpassed for cold blended drinks, create your own signature drinks by simply mixing with milk or water and add flavored syrups to customize.

Food Service Chocolate & Cocoa

Chocolate & Cocoa
10 lb. Barista Dark Chocolate Mini-Chips for intense dark mochas, hot chocolate and toppings.
25 lb. Cocoa powders, chocolate chips for foodservice applications.

Industrial Chocolate & Cocoa

Industrial Sizes
50 lb. Bulk ingredient items — Chocolate chips, white chips, couverture wafers, cocoa powders, liquor wafers.