Beyond the Easter Egg Hunt

Delight children of all ages this Easter with these alternatives to the traditional Easter egg hunt.

If you're looking to delight visiting family and friends this Easter, try changing up the traditional Easter egg hunt with inventive new activities for all ages. Craft and foodie blogger Diana Hennefer suggests that families consider including new ideas each year as the kids get older: “Parents can encourage their kids to participate in different games, attempt seasonal crafts and even try new types of candy or desserts. They will enjoy the unique experience -- and your family can start some new favorite Easter traditions.”

Try these creative activities with your younger kids and teens:

Ages 1 - 5
The Coolest: Easter Ice-eggs

These impressive ice eggs are fun and easy to make. Fill colorful balloons with water, add a drop or two of food coloring along with a few jellybeans, Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Easter Eggs, and a small toy. Freeze the balloons for a few hours and voila! —artsy eggs of ice remain. Children will have fun rolling them across the lawn and can then crack them open to reveal the “treasure” inside. As an added bonus: Parents or teens might want to place some in a decorative bowl as a unique holiday ice sculpture.

Ages 3 – 9
An Egg-cellent Adventure

For a twist on the traditional Easter egg hunt, parents can assign specific egg colors to each child, hidden in age-appropriate places. For example, a four-year-old should look for only blue eggs, while a seven-year-old seeks out the green ones. This encourages fair play, cooperation and sharing. Hennefer says, “This works best if the children are different ages, so the younger ones have an easier time finding the eggs hidden just for them, while the slightly older ones have a little more of a challenge.”

Ages 9 – 12 and up
Easter Scavenger Hunt

For added challenge (and extra fun) for older kids, Hennefer also suggests that parents create a more detailed scavenger hunt by placing handwritten “clues” inside the plastic eggs leading them to the consecutive eggs hidden throughout the entire house. Eggs for older kids can be placed in more difficult spots and require a bit more problem solving. Their final reward could be a gift card to their favorite store, a special present, or an Easter basket brimming with Ghirardelli Easter Impressions Squares and other premium chocolate delights.

Searching for Chocolate...Squares

As kids grow up, their taste in chocolate changes, too. Another Easter game for teens (or even visiting college kids) encourages them to hunt for premium chocolate instead of the jelly beans they used to love as a kid. Try hiding Ghirardelli Easter Impressions Squares in Milk & White Chocolate and Milk & Dark Chocolate. The playful bunnies engage the kid inside while the dark chocolate speaks to their more sophisticated taste. To engage older teens, try texting clues to their handheld device for an unexpected, yet Easter-oriented surprise.